Smoke the Cat

Let me say I think this is a bad idea. It’s not mine. Blame it on CJ or Carolyn Barbre or Backcountry Writer, whatever she is calling herself. She’s the one who named me Smoke, not terribly original but then we don’t get to choose our own names, do we?
She say’s it’s because of my long gray fur and she sometimes calls me Smokey. But don’t you even think about it. I hate cute. Cats are not cute. We are regal.

CJ listened to an audio book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, narrated by a dog named Enzo. I hate dogs. She couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful dog story, yuck.  I’m sure I can do at least as well as some slobbering dog.

I’m thirteen, pretty old in cat years and something of an antiquity for feral cats, which is what I am and will always be. Leopards don’t change their spots and feral cats don’t go all mushy for humans. I won’t have no truck with nobody but CJ. When she has guests, I’m gone, outta there, whosh! I have a secret way to get under the house and I won’t come out until the coast is clear.

But sleeping about twenty hours a day is not good for this ol’ girl’s figure. The truth is, I’ve had some interesting things happen in my life too. So as long as nobody comes knocking, I don’t mind sharing.

April 4, 2011–Since I wrote my bio above, I’ve decided it’s too confusing being here on CJ’s blog. If you want to know what I’m up to, check out my very own blog at and please let your critters leave a message. I will get back to them (even dogs–bleeech).


5 responses to “Smoke the Cat

  1. What a beautiful cat! I’m looking forward to reading about your “wild” life, Smoke. 😉

  2. Just stopping by as part of Meg’s Blogger ball. Nice to meet another memoir writer. Would love to hear how that is going. Do stop by my memoir place.

  3. Smoke is a beautiful cat! I’m here for the blog hop, too.
    Have a good week.

  4. The name is very apt! And her voice so snarky, lol…

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