Woman at Work—Please Excuse Delays

by Carolyn Barbre

I apologize to my few faithful followers for dropping off the edge for the last few months. But I finally got my memoir right, style-wise. About eight years back my older son asked why he should read it since I kept changing content.

My answer, “I haven’t changed content. It just took this long to get to a happy ending.” The story took 25 years to get to that happy ending and another 15 years to finally work through all the trauma, depression, remorse, guilt, and poking at wounds so deep my soul seemed to cry tears of blood, before coming out the other side.

I am by no means alone in my experiences and have come across more woeful tales than my own, but not one memoir. These tales are found in books written by psychiatrists and psychologists with titles like Divorced from Justice: The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges, Mothers on Trial, and No Visible Wounds, wherein the women who share their stories are given anonymity. Not only have they been abused and shamed but they have been shanghaied by our paternalistic self-regulated civil court system that has unfathomable tolerance for cruelty and virtually no fear of reprisal.

None of this has any connection to Backcountry Writer, so I will be starting another blog to be called “Show-Cause,” where I can hopefully offer some solace and enlightenment to other mothers in similar circumstances, who have remained silent (and anonymous) for far too long.

Meanwhile I am posting another blog immediately after this one, one that’s in keeping with the Backcountry Writer style. Thanks for your patience.



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4 responses to “Woman at Work—Please Excuse Delays

  1. When can we read your memoir? Keep me posted, please.

  2. CJ

    Count on it. I’m still writing my platform to submit to a publisher.

  3. Nice to hear your voice again, CJ – you’ve been in my thoughts!

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