Fresh Tomato Bisque?

Roses from my garden

 My apologies for those of you who checked in and found no new posts for the last month. The thing is, I finished my memoir, corrected the second draft and am now at the dreaded find-an-agent stage once again (never found one for my novel although I gave up after about fifty queries). So I’ve been in a funk.  

Although I must say my yard and garden have never looked better, as I have fully caught up and maybe gone a little overboard. Do you think fifteen pepper plants are too many? Just kidding, I only have four in the ground: red, yellow, orange and green from the bell pepper family. The others are still seedlings that probably won’t be transplanted.

 Last year I planted all these exotic heirloom tomatoes, more than a dozen plants, and got not a single tomato. Blossoms, but no tomatoes. Not one! This year I went to the local nurseries and now have eighteen tomato plants in the ground in various stages of growth—some seedlings, some flowering and some with green tomatoes on the vines—so I will have my own organic, garden-fresh tomatoes this year.

Apparently now I am going to have to learn home canning although I don’t much care for canned tomatoes. Dried? I do have a food dryer. I’ll give it a try. It’s just that there is so much water in tomatoes it will take a while. Set up a tomato stand in the front yard? Sell at the farmer’s market? (I’d rather be writing.) Maybe just pass them out to friends and acquaintances…


Think I’ll save commenting on the zucchini, squash and cucumbers, also growing in my gardens, for another post.

I hate the angst, that dreadful feeling, kind of like doing taxes, but I must sit down and work on that nonfiction proposal.


Fresh tomato bisque?

You take two pounds of ripe tomatoes, one medium onion sliced thin, two tablespoons butter, one bay leaf….



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2 responses to “Fresh Tomato Bisque?

  1. CJ! This is AWESOME news; my huge (Bear, Smoke, and halibut-sized) congratulations! I understand that transition and anxiety over the next step can lead to funky feelings, so I’m happy to celebrate your memoir’s completion on your behalf. I hope that you’ve found a place within yourself, a quietness away from the noisy fears of the future, where you can be proud of what a tremendous venture you’ve accomplished, regardless of what follows.

    Beyond honoring all of your hard work up to this point, I can definitely empathize on the anxiety of the proposal. I’ve been working on mine over the past few months (a bit less attentively than “working on” implies; turned out longlining wasn’t as much of a writer’s sabbatical as I’d hoped it would be), and yes, it kind of sucks. The biggest wall for me has been the chapter summaries.

    “Tomato bisque,” indeed… *shakes head, smiling* I’m sure it’s lovely, but way to bury the lead, CJ – you wrote a memoir! Many virtual hugs your way, friend.

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