Happy Trails to You

Easter fell on March 23 in 2008 and this year, 2011, on April 24, so we can’t be too surprised that Earth Day came on Good Friday and the Springville Rodeo, yesterday, thanks to the full moon, the vernal equinoxand the Julian and Gregorian calendars that keep the religious holiday moving around.

However, around California’s Central Valley, there is only a narrow window between the rains of winter and the blazing summer sun that produces crops that help feed the world. It seems every town has its spring festival: orange blossom, iris, asparagus, raisin, cherry, etc. plus rodeos, classic car shows, street fairs, arts events and anything else they can think of to celebrate the good weather and hopefully bring in some tourism dollars.

I read a lot of blogs but there is only one I participate in regularly, written by a literary agent and followed by a lot of mostly older, somewhat salty and outspoken writers. As writers do, someone suggested a fantasy scenario of getting together at a cabin in the woods, picking blackberries for jam, drinking wine and eating fine cheese. I offered that I actually had a cabin in the woods, being that I live within a few miles of the Sequoia National Forest, in the Sierra foothills on the East Side of the San Joaquin Valley.

Although I am quite happy to spend the majority of my time in my cabin by the woods, it’s hard to ignore a parade forming right at my doorstep, per the one yesterday for the Springville Rodeo—so snapped a few photos, proving that I am indeed out in the backcountry. As you can see there is nobody watching the parade out here at the staging area. They are all waiting downtown. Here comes the parade. Happy trails…

What does spring bring to your door?

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One response to “Happy Trails to You

  1. Spring brings the ice cream truck to our door. The driver turns on his tinny music and slowly drives through the neighborhood looking for customers. And at every ball game at the park across the way, you can be sure he’ll be there, just as the final out is called.

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