Smoke 3: Coon Catchin’ & Dispatchin’

If you look at my picture on my page (click on Smoke the Cat at the top of this page) you will see I am sitting on a window ledge below which is a shelf which CJ hung just last year, thinking I would enjoy the view. I absolutely love it. From here I can spot gophers and mice, which I do, and then I can climb down the ladder on the right (CJ made that ladder cause you can’t just go and buy an old wood ladder anymore she said) and catch them. And I can come right back up and bring them in CJ’s bedroom. This is the part she gets a little freaky about. I don’t get it.

It’s a nice room with a nice smooth white floor so there is no place for them to hide unless they go under her closet door or her bed, but I’m very patient and will sit and wait forever if I know they are hiding from me. But if CJ is in there, she will shoo me right out of the room with all this whoopin’ and hollerin’ like she’s never seen a mouse or a gopher before, a real Fraidy Cat she is

But she only did that stuff (the ladder and the shelf) after she got a washing machine and dryer and closed up the hole in the back wall where I used to come through or go out through. It’s the wall that connects to where the in-law apartment used to be. And where the previous owner had a washing machine connected which is why there were faucets connected at about three feet up.

Used to be a little raccoon would come through there and steal my food. CJ didn’t care except when she left the dry food bag out and they chewed a hole in the corner and about cleaned us out of dry food in one night. It was right next to this big-dog water dish I inherited and they could wash the dry food and then eat it, stupid raccoons. I hate raccoons.

Well, this little guy grew up, real big. So one night, CJ’s son is visiting and he goes outside for a smoke, leaving the backdoor open. In sneaks this great big ol’ raccoon. I didn’t hardly even recognize him. When he comes in I scrunch under the metal cabinet in the corner where I know he can’t get at me (he was a big sucker and they are omnivores). He looked like he weighed about fifty pounds but they have a lot of fur so it’s hard to tell.

So in comes big Mike, a whole lot bigger than that raccoon and he’s standing in the doorway. So what does the raccoon do? He tries to go out the hole in the wall, a hole he just about outgrew when he was still suckin’ up his mama’s milk. In fact when he first got too big, he would climb up and reach through and wave his little hand around, like it was a drive-thru window. But at this moment, he’s all crazy and scared and clearly can’t get out through that little hole, so CJ gets a broom and hands it to Mike who sweeps that coon right out the door. Funniest thing I ever did see.

She should have grabbed her camera—dumb CJ, dumb.


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5 responses to “Smoke 3: Coon Catchin’ & Dispatchin’

  1. I’m stopping by as part of the blogger ball. Nice to meet you.

  2. Smoke, you’re pretty cool. I didn’t know cat’s could participate in a blog hop 😉 I’ll have to let my kitty know as well!

  3. I know, but I’m a female and, well . . . CJ isn’t so good at this, so it can’t hurt if it’s allowed.

  4. Hello, I’m so glad Bloggers’ Ball Redux led me to you… I LOVE Smoke the cat although when I first clicked on the link I thought it meant someone was smoking a cat and I just had to find out more!

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