What is it with Super Bowl Sunday fever? Even CBS News Sunday Morning, with a demographic that attracts advertisers for funeral insurance and assisted living facilities on its local affiliate, did a piece on the Black Eyed Peas, interviewing each Pea and giving their individual bios. We don’t care.

8:30 a.m. pst: “The Road to the Super Bowl” is on. This will be followed by Troy Aikman commenting on family and the people of Dallas, then the four-hour pregame show and finally the big game—another four hours. Think I’ll skip the postgame show.

I know . . . I never watch the Super Bowl. The thing is, I am reading this great, can’t-put-down 400-page book on publishing and promotion of one’s book, but I don’t want to give it away until I’ve finished because I’m posting this on my blog. (I don’t review books I haven’t read cover-to-cover.)

I was hooked at that all important first sentence or two. “It’s important not to let the desire to get married interfere with the rational choosing of a suitable mate. So it is with the writing of a book.” Actually they had me at the Introduction. They would have had me at the jacket had I not ordered it from the library and didn’t see the jacket until I checked out the book.

Hint for single women not that into football, but who appreciate the men who are: Check out your supermarket the day before. (Too late this year, I know. Sorry.) Super dudes will be pushing carts full of beer and snacks. Doritos CRASH THE SUPER BOWL campaign and paid a hefty sum to the winners who were judged in a USA Today poll. The spots have already gotten about a gazillion hits on YouTube plus the Facebook links. Talk about promotion and free advance publicity.

Of course, I’ll be leaving the sound off until the commercials.

Why write a book when all the money is in film, unless your book becomes a film. Is that what all writers secretly hanker for?

What if we tried promoting our books as hard as football players must work to get to the Super Bowl? Or got socially networked a smidgen as successfully as the high rollers?


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