Support Your Neighborhood Artisans

‘Tis the season to buy unique gifts made by local craftspersons. No one really needs more mass-produced trinkets from China or wherever.  

Today there was a small crafts market outside our independent little coffeehouse. A fire in a large metal bowl or brazier welcomed visitors. Next to it was axe-chopped wood, perhaps in the spirit of the event. Nearby were exquisite custom-made saddles, unlike anything available commercially.

The first booth on my right had locally grown and processed foodstuffs including nuts, honey, oranges, beef jerky, trail mixes, all of it healthy and tasty. I bought a bag of garlic and onion flavored pistachios and some navel oranges. Everybody’s gotta eat. Food unique to your area is appreciated by loved ones across the miles, seniors in particular, as well as by visiting relatives. 

One of my neighbors was selling hats and scarves she had loom knitted from goat yarn she harvested from her own goats. Another friend was selling jewelry made from precious stones she had collected, polished and set in her own designs. A man-made inlaid wood boxes that the ladies might favor. He also carved boxes out of solid pieces of wood—sandalwood, driftwood, Manzanita—boxes within boxes, ideal for a man’s jewelry. New this year was a fit looking fellow who made bows and arrows that looked like they could have been made by the Indians of the Old West, complete with stone carved arrowheads, suitable for deer hunting he said. Springville’s famous wildlife artist Steven Ball was there with a selection of his lifelike watercolors of scenes from nature. Also for sale were plants, potpourri, leather goods and children’s toys—something for every pocketbook.

 Not only can you find a gift that is unique, beautiful and won’t go out of style, such purchases support the arts, your local economy, and a Merry Christmas for all.

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