New and Improved

“New and Improved” are supposed to be the magic words in advertising. Just put the words on the package and watch it fly off the shelves. But the announcement from WordPress that it was changing one templet called PressRow to the new and improved Pilcrow has, in two days, provoked pretty much unilateral discontent from PressRow users that can be viewed on seven pages of complaints.  

They said the site would look the same but would have great new features. It doesn’t look the same. Many bloggers lost their custom headings. My pretty, pink, cloth-covered horizontal book stacks are now dark, vertical, leather-covered books which don’t look country, just old.

Perhaps one of my wildflower photos will work… Okay, I just previewed  this post and, lo and behold, this photo appeared in the heading. Don’t know how that happened. Hopefully it will stay there when I publish.

View from my bedroom window, spring 2010

Now I need to investigate whatever nifty new features I can find, stop complaining and  get up to speed.

Don’t be afraid to be the first one to leave a message. Others have gone before, just not on this post. What kind of artwork would you like to see illustrate a backcountry blogger?


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