For the Birds

Winter’s comin’ on. It got down to 36 degrees last night. Made the first fire of the winter in my wood-burning stove this morning. This old house doesn’t have any insulation to speak of—only in my pine paneled bedroom—and no central heating. But I’m toasty warm at my computer.

Yesterday I got a shipment via FedEx from a mega pet store, all for the birds. Included were two state-of-the-art humming-bird feeders, two gallons of pre-mixed humming-bird food, 40 pounds of wild birdseed, seven pounds of songbird food and two bird feeders; one for thistles and one for songbird seeds.

Didn’t see any humming birds at the one feeder I hung today. It’s right outside the front window. I know it’s not too close to the house because humming birds have hovered around my door numbers that are painted on colorful Mexican tiles. They’ll find it soon enough.

Goldfinches were regular visitors to my wildflowers this past spring and summer. I’m hoping to keep them around this winter. Didn’t see any finches today. What I did was piss off my brazen blue jay. She is too big to attach herself to the songbird feeder, so would fly at it and kick it to shake the tasty seeds out of the tray and onto the ground where she could get at them. I don’t know how to resolve this problem. There is a bird feeder to which she has easy access, but it does not contain the pricey songbird seed, just the basic stuff, the kibble of bird food to her apparently.

The sparrows and quail aren’t fussy. The quail are skittery, running to and fro. But they do watch me when I toss a hand full of birdseed over the fence. Then they skitter this way and that as they move closer. Pretty soon I will have them over the fence and in the yard.

I hope to post some bird photos soon, and perhaps a quail video. Yeah, this blog is for the birds. Feeding any feathered friends this winter?

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