Toothaches and Wild Turkeys

A week ago my dentist filled a tooth that didn’t hurt, and now a progressive toothache will have me back in his office this morning sans appointment. That’s okay out here in the sticks where becoming friends with one’s dentist is more common than not.

Still fixing teeth in his 70s, Doc said he tried retirement and found it boring. But there is nothing boring about his holidays. He hooks up with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts and bikes across continents. As a reporter, I did a story about his solo trip around the perimeter of Australia, and another with this group who traveled the Silk Road from Turkey to China, which was chronicled online. His most recent trip was to Vietnam and Cambodia, biking through a monsoon, he said.

With Thanksgiving coming, I am reminded that Doc invited me to his property a few years back, to photograph wild turkeys, roaming free and safe from hunters. The photos were used on the front pages of two local papers put out by one publisher, my boss.

So, I didn’t think I would be writing today because of my toothache, but blogging is distracting me from the pain while I wait for Doc’s dental office to open.  

As a side note, I was surprised to see that the toothache has seriously spiked my blood pressure. What about you? Any toothache tales?

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  1. Hi CJ– you visited me; I return the favor. I just think that having teeth at all is a headache, at this point, as I watch them thin and chip…. xxxJenne’

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