In Shelter Cove by Barbara Freethy

I discovered Barbara Freethy on Facebook (networking works–note to future novelists). She has already been named a USA Today bestselling author, so what can I say. I can say that she is writing the mystery series I would like to write (maybe in the next lifetime). Give me a nautical setting with a mystery and I am pretty much hooked. There was a time I read all the colors in John D. McDonald’s Travis McGee series. There was a time I lived on a boat in a marina, but that’s another story.

IN SHELTER COVE is about a single mom moving the California coastal town of Angel’s Bay to clear her deceased husband’s name after he died in prison, a convicted felon, for allegedly stealing the very art on which the community based its historic roots. What’s not to like? And she can write an arousing love scene. 

This is the third in a series that begins with Suddenly One Summer, followed by On Shadow Beach, a summer feast for romantic suspense readers. The Angel’s Bay series follows on the heels of 17 previously published works all listed on her website. Enjoy.

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