Reviewing books

You know you are a book addict when… I have several book reviews backed up. I am reading faster than I am writing. I also checked out some other book review blogs. One charged $40 per review. To me that just sounds like the old “conflict of interest” problem. Publishers don’t pay reviewers. They send the book and take their chances.  So perhaps it is the self-published writers who use this service? What do you think? I found another that stated she did not accept payment and did not do bad reviews–just send the free copy which was payment enough. But she graded on a five-star rating. Wouldn’t then one star equal a bad review? Just asking.

Anyway, I have found a website that says it will pay for stories and articles that I am going to try submitting to for a little while. I suspect the stories will appear here first. So Backcountry writer is going in yet another direction–after I get out those last few reviews.


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  1. Carolyn, I finally made it to your blog site. I’ve really enjoyed reading it. Let me know how the website that pays for writers goes. I’m very interested.

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