Brazen Blue Jay

That cheeky blue jay has been flying into my kitchen to eat the cat’s food. I caught him at it yesterday. He coolly flew right back out the open kitchen door. Then today, I went into the kitchen after doing some yard work and found bird poop on the counter. I realized it’s open season on the whole kitchen. He can just as easily help himself to the fruit in the bowl on the counter as the cat food in a dish on the floor. I know I said he had no fear of me, that we were friends when I am out in the yard, but I think we need to have a chat on boundaries. Meanwhile my lazy feral cat spent the whole ENTIRE DAY flat on her back on my bed. Was she sleeping or was it SHAME? The queen of gopher gulch is letting this brazen popinjay steal her food! Where’s the pride?


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  1. miguelito

    Great Blog! Looking forward to more!

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